About CICT

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Started in 1994, Camden International was a single facility operation that has now grown into a multi-facility operation which provides a wide array of services from certified Weigh Masters to most recently Certified Organic cargo handlers. While handling 125,000 Metric Tons of cargo annually, Camden International still remains true to its core belief “Customer Service Above All”. In keeping with this core belief, Camden International continues to develop new ways to provide superior service while still staying true to time tested practices.

Camden International has and continues to be an environmentally conscious company. All paper produces from discarded printer paper to container storage paper is recycled. Cargo package material, specifically burlap, is given a second life via the next farmer/manufacture or through a creative collaborative with foreign and domestic partners. Desiccant bags used for moisture absorption are recycled as well. All of our pallets find a second life via our pallet repair system that ensures no wood is wasted.

We finally turn to our 19 years of business that has been carried out by our staff and ownership that represents over 100 years of warehousing experience.   In 2014 we became the first Cocoa Warehouse ever to have an employee pass the ICE Futures Licensed Cocoa Grader Exam.  We are ready to provide you and your cargo with the upmost care. We are providing more than just storage space and cargo services we are providing you with piece of mind.