Our Handling Services Include:


Container Handling

We can unload your cargo from the container and prepare it for a return trip to the pier.

Vessel Discharge

With our pier facilities, we can unload your vessel and transfer your cargo to permanent storage.

Bulk Cargo Loading

We can remove your cargo from its original packaging, load in on to a trailer and have it prepped for delivery.

Bag/Carton Cargo Loading

We can load your cargo into a trailer and have it prepped for delivery.

Blend Cargo Loading

We can combine your cargo from different origins to a ratio of your specification into a trailer and prepare it for delivery.

Super Sack Loading

We can repackage your cargo, load it into a trailer and have it prepped for delivery.

Cargo Sampling

We can draw samples of your cargo and have the samples sent to your lab, plant, or facility.

*Cocoa Grading

CICT now staffs an ICE Futures Licensed Cocoa Grader for Cocoa quality assurance

Cargo Weighing

As certified weigh masters, we can weigh your product during loading & unloading or at your request.

Cargo Reconditioning

We can identify, sort, and repackage damaged cargo in order to salvage sound from damaged cargo.

Cargo Exchange Re-Lotting

We can breakdown, separate and lot your cargo for exchange delivery.

Cargo Fumigation

To prevent infestation and maintain sanitary conditions, we can fumigate your cargo.

Cargo Resorting

In the event your cargo arrives damaged, we can identify and sort your damage in order to salvage sound cargo.

Cargo Cleaning

In the event cargo needs to be cleaned/sorted to pass Industry standards or Federal standards, it can be put through our Rotex cleaning system.